Welcome to the COTO Zone.

The COTOCREW is a free association of individuals around the globe with a natural and rightful need of Freedom and Justice.

We have correctly identified the enemies of the people of the planet, whom these criminals include, similar to the other 'commodities' they make of our necessities, as their 'human resource', to be used and misused and then discarded.  To this end, their declared intention is to reduce our world population from six or seven billion to just five hundred million, the rest being 'useless eaters' unnecessary to 'their economy'.

To enable our elimination they have now usurped our governments, which we supposedly nominated to represent our interests.  They have done this by enriching them financially so that they are independent of our populations*, so that they - ignorant that they, too, are being used - will do to us whatever their paymasters require of them - in other words, to obliterate ninety percent of us.

So we - and you - have been warned.

Therefore we have to do better than their endless financial manipulation to destroy our rights and our societies, and their endless wars for acquisition, their pollution of the planet and their dire plans for us.

We the COTOCREW are considering how best to counter their menace, not simply to the freedoms and rights of the world, but to our - and your - very existence.  If either massive extinction or massive revolution are to be avoided, it is now crucial that we adjust the means of our representation, from corrupt and blatantly dishonest to obligatorily honest and responsible. 

Some of us think this can be done by drafting honest representatives independent of any established parties, who will have to vote on their individual conscience for the general good.  Otherwise they will be replaced without notice if inconsistent with the general consensus of what is right, and will be penalised immediately and comprehensively for corruption, together with their corruptors.  Our honest representatives will then dismantle the corrupt political party-system and its machinery, including the financial systems which have long been used only to bribe our leadership in order to dominate and impoverish our populations and use us as their disposable factory-fodder and soon-to-be-culled excess baggage.

We have been banned from all social media blogs abd sites. This means we are over the target and unnder attack. Join us at Twitter until they ban us.  Please see our blog pahe and look for updates.

Best Regards

The Cotocrew

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