1. You believe a better name for our “two party” electoral system is the “United Corporate Party of America” because you understand the Hegelian Dialectic and refuse to submit to these divide and conquer techniques.

2. You did not cast a vote for either Trump or Clinton in the last election and instead voted for a third party candidate or did not vote at all because your vote was not counted anyway with the rampant ELECTION FRAUD.

3. You do not believe the official “fairytale” of 911.  You want a real investigation into what happened that day and know from doing your own exhaustive research that it was an inside job.

4. You know that our government invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for imperialistic and monetary gain & had nothing to do with 911.  You also know, for those reasons, the “War on Terror” is a lie and a false flag operation.

5. You know waterboarding is not “enhanced interrogation” but TORTURE & that the New World Order regime should be prosecuted for war crimes & crimes against humanity.

6. You believe that Republicans and Democrats are complicit in the same crimes and that is why the two party system is comprised of those in this confederation and the few like Dennis Kucinich whose Articles of Impeachment ended up in the trash bin.

7. You accept the NWO as a fact not a “theory”, you know who is behind it, their agenda and have identified those who Henry Kissinger calls “useless eaters.”

8. You know  the chemtrails, that paint our skies daily, are showering us in toxic chemicals and bacteria and are making us sick.

9. You believe Monsanto’s GMO frankenfood is poison.

10. You know about Freemasonry, the Jesuit Order and Crypto Jew conspiracies and who really runs the world order 

11. You  know the weather is being modified and Climate Change is man made now by psychopaths and criminals in our military industrial technocratic complex.

12. You know that Sandy Hook and other mass shootings are a complete hoax and controlled and narrated by the fake news media complex.

13. You refused to get a flu shots because you know that their VACCINES and other PhRMA toxins can be deadly and you opted to live versus participating in another one of their EUGENICS Programs.

14. You are disgusted that our civil liberties have been crushed under the boot of both the Bush and Obama administrations and know that 911 was the catalyst for the destruction of the Bill of Rights under the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act & FISA.

15. You know what the “14 Points of Fascism” are and you know the U.S. meets all fourteen.

16. You know “the Federal Reserve is no more federal than federal express” and “END THE FED” is one of your favorite bumper stickers.

17. You believe that television is being used as a corporate government tool for brainwashing and dumbing down the populace.

18. You believe that the educational system is not designed to teach logic and critical thinking, but to indoctrinate our youth to the New World Order socialist agenda.

19. For you, "Conspiracy" is an acceptable term in your vocabulary and does not make you a wearer of metal hats as they would have you think. 

20. You believe the U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our rights and not just a soundbite term to be used only during the election cycle.

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