Watching the New World Order and Hegelian Dialectic at work in the good ol' USA.  The COMMITTEE, the ruling minoritycontrolling all the strings of War and Finance while keeping the masses dumbed down with all the chemicals, Fluoride, Aspertame, corn syrup and propaganda they can handle. 

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My name is Claudia.  I’m into questioning authority, defying perception management, and encouraging critical thinking. I like to share information (which may be both a blessing and a curse…..) and I hate preaching to the choir.

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The parody of "America the Beautiful" below, which I wrote a few months ago, is a short litany of some the issues I spend many hours researching, writing about and discussing with Coto members.  Our goal, as individuals and a group,  is to wake the sleeping giant that is "we the people united".  The giant is starting to stir. The powers that be should be worried, very worried, indeed. COTO Blog: http://cotocrew.wordpress.com

Oh horrendous are the chemtrailed skies
The rows of gm corn
Our children shot up with mercury
By big pharma's medical whores
Amerika Amerika
God has forsaken thee
We’ve lost our goods
To Big  Brotherhood
From sea to shilling sea.
I have a deep and burning hatred of injustice and those who practice it makes me an automatic candidate on Cotocrew to combat the bestial creatures who presently have taken charge of our world and intend to make it much worse than it is.

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My work has appeared in several online and print publications, including three books on election fraud. Most of my career was spent working for lawyers in research, investigations and as a paralegal. I spent seven years as an editor, two of them as a web editor for a site with 20,000 members. I currently operate the Blogs, COTO REPORT and FOOD FREEDOM.

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Michael Cavlan RN - "Irish"
Raised in Catholic housing project in northern Ireland for 15 years. My father was in the IRA (peace process, I can say it now)  
15 year media activist * Ran for Green Party state rep in Minnesota 2002. *  Arrested multiple times in acts of Civil Disobedience * Green Party Official Election Observer in Ohio Re-Count 2004 * Worked on Impeach For Peace for 6 years * Ran for US Senate in Minnesota, as peace, justice activist * Registered Nurse for Single payer and election integrity * Used the Northern Ireland peace process as example and template for non violent conflict resolution
Street Medic during RNC in St Paul 2008 * Burn and Trauma intensive care specialty nurse *  I was asked by gubmint to Itreat some of the Pentagon folks during the September 11 2001 attack. I am now a committed 9-11 Truther.

I left the Green Party when I became aware that they were not serious about opposing the Democrats. I am a former National Green Party delegate..Oh yes and the coup de tat. I have been booted off of two national "progressive" blogs
Common Dreams and Op Ed news. My 'crime"? Daring to point out that the DEMOCRATS are the war machine as well. that the DEMOCRATS are complicit in lying us into war, supporting torture and fighting AGAINST Impeachment.

Mister M
911 Truther extraordinaire, cartoonist and the creator of the movement known as Coalition of the Obvious.  Mr. M has been at the heart of false flag 911 truth and as a citizen of New Orleans was in the middle of  greatest American tragedy and failure by the empire building Bush Regime during Katrina.  Mr. M is a talented artist and cartoonist and provides this creativity and activism to the NEW ORLEANS LEVEE newspaper and the Coalition of the Obvious Blog.

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A not so young or gullible Aussie, who is fighting back at the takeover of my country and peoples by those who want a One World Rule by stealth and fear. Fighting for our rights to grow and eat safe, non GM food, drink clean water and breathe clean air. Fighting Big Agri, Pharma and Food any way I can .Proud to be a member of the Australian Climate Sceptics Party

Fighting the ETS and Agenda 21 in Australia

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Our resident musician, ex-timberman from the northeast has come to roost around the nashville skylines.  Spreading the word of peace and anti-empire war and world order. Listen to the talent of this COTOHEAD

Samples MP3: "Applesauce and Butterscotch Skies"
                        "One Thing"